Legal Forms Site

Open conn.php and edit your database info as follows:

//enter your MySQL database host name, often it is not necessary to edit this line
$db_host = "localhost";

//enter your MySQL database username
$db_username = "database_user";

//enter your MySQL database password
$db_password = "password";

//enter your MySQL database name
$db_name = "database_name";

//Script URL
$site_url = "";


Upload all the files and directories at the main html directory at your server, using your favorite FTP program. Keep the same directory structure

Change the directory permissions as follow:

"banners" directory -> chmod 777

To install the database tables, point your browser to:

After pressing the "Install" button, the database tables will be installed. It is better to delete the "install.php" file after the installation is completed.

The admin panel is situated at: http://www.your-domain/siteadmin username & password: admin To change the admin's username and password, login at your admin panel and follow the "Edit Info" link (the last link before "Logout" link). A form will be placed. Using this form, you will be able to change the admin username, password, name and email.

To customize the homepage to your products, edit IndexTemplate.php which is located in the templates folder. Remember that the file is restricted to the design of the site, so your content cannot go over 412 pixels wide.

The site by default uses PayPal and Stormpay IPN. If you only want to use one. Open PaymentTemplate.php in the templates folder and delete whcih processor you do not want to use. DO NOT EDIT any field information as the variables work with the site system.